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RP Collier & Eloine | anchor studies
TRB.032 | 2011/12/23 | CDR

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total duration  57:26

Robert Patterson Collier: homemade lamellaphones, guitars, samplers
Bryan Day, homemade instruments

recordings took place in Portland, OR and Lincoln, NE between 2009 and 2010

mastering & graphic (based on two photos shot at Mytilene island, August 2011) by Themistoklis Pantelopoulos, November 2011


    Three new releases on Triple Bath, the Greek CDR label of fine quality, usually that is, finding itself on the fringes of improvised music and dark, drone matter. Two of these releases are from earlier this year, with RP Collier and Eloine being the oldest. Behind Eloine we recognize Public Eyesore/Eh? label boss Brian Day and Robert Patterson Collier has released some CDRs on his own. He plays 'homemadelamellaphones, guitars and samplers' while Day plays homemade instruments. 'Anchor Studies' was recorded between 2009-2010 in Portland and Lincoln, which I guess means the two musicians didn't meet up, face to face, which I thought was funny, since it sounds like a work that was actually played together. This release is from the line of releases that represents improvised music on Triple Bath. Five lengthy pieces of improvised music with a strong love of the minimal. These pieces are multi-layered affairs of acoustic sounds from the guitar and the various (unnamed) objects, along with the sparse use of electronics, which occasionally support the instruments (echo for instance) and on some other occasions make up for a nice atmospheric backdrop. Quite alright, but perhaps five pieces that all seem to last around ten to fifteen minutes (with the exception of the last) and a similar approach per track, is perhaps a bit too much. Maybe these pieces could have been a bit shorter or less perhaps just three of them would have been nice enough. Now, an element of repetition leaps in: I heard that tune before, is what you could easily think.