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No Context | making angles from wind
TRB.030 | 2011/03/25 | CDR

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    "Making angles from wind" is an edited live performance by the trio of Adam Baker, Adrian Newton and Allan Upton, aka No Context. The recording took place at The Fish Shambles (Pool Quay, Dorset) during the Inside Out festival, on September 9, 2008. Taking field recordings of wind as a basis, the trio created a huge sonic field, enriched by live processing plus the addition of sparsely live-played home-made instruments. Truly transfigurating performance, teleportating the listener, to rough but wobbly, misty and windy cliffscapes of northern seas.

total duration  40:13

recorded live at The Fish Shambles, Poole Quay, Dorset, during the Inside Out festival, on September 9, 2008

editing & mastering by Themistoklis Pantelopoulos, December 2010

graphic by Themistoklis Pantelopoulos, January, March 2011


    From Dorset hails a trio of Adrian Newton (also known as Nemeton, Zaum, Safehouse), Allan Upton (Textured Bird Transmission, Dead Sea Liner label boss) and Adam Baker (Dead Wood, Dirty Demos label boss). The first two started No Context with Baker joining in 2007 when they started to play live. Apparently they release one album per year since 2008 (that's very commendable), one for ContraMusikProduktion, Striate Cortex (which I think went unreviewed here) and now for Triple Bath. They use field recordings, wind in particular, processing it live and adding bits of live played home-made instruments. From what I know from these men's previous music, I expected some sort of monolithic drone music, perhaps recorded in a lo-fi manner. But I was mistaken. This piece, lasting forty minutes, is an excellent collage of wind sounds, minor electronics and great dynamics - even moving to sheer silence somewhere mid way (maybe it was intended to be an LP release?), but from there on picking up building towards a mighty crescendo at the end. A very fine work of live electronics transforming a multitude of wind sounds with bits of electronics. A refined work of field recordings and microsound.