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    Bryan Day is an improviser, composer, instrument builder and conceptual artist based in Northeast Iowa. Day focuses on intuitive sound performance using unconventional techniques in prepared environments. His instruments are constructed using practical composite designs, combining everyday objects with finished wood and metal forms.

    Day has toured throughout the US, Europe, Japan, Argentina and Mexico, performing both solo as Sistrum and Eloine and in the Shelf Life and Seeded Plain ensembles. He has collaborated with many artists including Takashi Aso, Jim Baker, Federico Barabino, Tore Honore Boe, Dirk Bruinsma, Bunnybrains, Jorge Castro, Maria Chavez, RP Collier, Alan Courtis, George Cremaschi, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, John Dikeman, Jonathan Fretheim, Nancy Garcia, Carol Genetti, Philip Gayle, Eckhard Gerdes, Greg Goodman, Dereck Higgins, Kommisar Hjuler, Zan Hoffman, Mike Honeycutt, ID-M 'Theft' Able, Darren Keen, Yoshiaki Kinno, Jay Kreimer, Cheryl Leonard, Eric Leonardson, Evan Lipson, Unconditional Loathing, Bob Marsh, Hal McGee, Patrick McGinley, Tatsuya Nakatani, Keith Nicolay, Teaadora Nikolova, Brian Noring, Tim Olive, Terje Paulsen, Dennis Palmer, Hal Rammel, Justin Clifford Rhody, Josh Ronsen, Gary Rouzer, Sabrina Siegel, Nicolas Slaton, Matthew St. Germain, Jack Wright, Tsukasa Yagihashi and Toru Yoneyama.

    Festival appearances include Denver Noise Festival (Denver, 2011), Heliotrope Festival (Minneapolis, 2010), Megapolis Festival (Baltimore, 2010), Denver Noise Festival (Denver, 2010), Transistor Festival (Denver, 2009), Quiet Music Festival (Cork, Ireland, 2008), Sonic Circuits Festival (Washington, D.C., 2007), Soundfield Festival (Chicago, 2005), and SubZero Festival (Minneapolis, 2001). Day has over 40 solo and ensemble releases on labels such as Creative Sources, Friends and Relatives, Gameboy, Freedom From, Digitalis, Featherspines, Neus-318, Journal of Experimental Fiction, Unread, and Seagull.

    In addition to sound art production, Day is studying Butoh and physical theater. Since 1997 he has been running the new music label Public Eyesore and its sister label Eh?. Through Public Eyesore and Eh?, Day has produced and released over 200 albums of improvised and experimental music by artists from all over the globe and organized numerous tours for American artists in Japan. Day curated regular events at the Clawfoot House (Lincoln, 2009-2010), Tiptop Haus (Omaha, 2005-2007), The Magic Theatre (Omaha, 2006) and Sitting Still, Going Places first Friday series at Chatterbox (Lincoln, 2006-2007). Day currently works as Programming Coordinator for KPVL 89.1 FM in Decorah, IA.
Bryan Day (b. 1979)

Decorah, Iowa, USA


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